Shingle Roof Replacement Part 1

Ameri-We -Can Roofing & Siding contracting company is a local Ewing Twp roofing company. April is a month with lots of rain so with that said we are expecting alot of calls due to ice and snow damage over the winter. I just got a few calls due to the rain the last few days,its unreal some of the things we see out here when checking roofs for leaks. I just signed a contract for a roofing job in Trenton Nj 08618 and this job was started by a guy that I beleive is unlicensed. Contractor / Handyman started roof in Nov papered it and the paper is off and the water is pouring in ,homeowner is a guy I grew up with as a kid knows Ameri-We-Can Roofing & Siding was voted the Best 2010-2013 and allowed this to take place . Some times you try to save money and it ends up costing double or triple down the road. Ameri-We-Can Roofing & Siding is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A + rating, I tell people all the time check us out with the BBB and check out our competition,then with price and info make an educated decision. Second job I looked at today in Ewing Twp Nj 08638 home owner had a leak he called a plumber to see if it was the plumbing plumber not thinking about it raining maybe that was the problem hacked up the guys cieling only to find no pipes in that area of the house. so when I got their it was clear it that the roof was shot totally due to age and ice damage.

Ameri-We-Can Roofing & Siding is a Green Company

Recycling asphalt roofing shingles

Recycling asphalt roofing shingles       

Ameri- We- Can Roofing & Siding Contractors Ewing Twp N J 08618 is a Green Company, we believe in doing our part to recycle all material waste as much as possible it helps in our pricing and it helps the earth.

Plumbing pipe collars are a common cause of shingle roof leakage

Plumbing pipe collars can cause damage to roof sheathing,interior dry wall, and insulation. If left undetected roof leaks over time can cause mold.We recommend annual roof inspections to prevent costly repairs and possible mold remediation.

Dry rotted old damaged plumbing pipe collar

Dry rotted old damaged plumbing pipe collar

Roof repair Ewing Twp. NJ

New pipe collar after repair

Wind Damage to Siding and Roofing Trim Fascia

With the increased frequency of extreme weather events over the past few years, we have seen many more instances of wind damage to siding and roof trim.  Apart from looking unsightly, not having wood protected on your home can cause it to rot, leading to larger problems.  The first picture here shows a recent job site for us, where wind blew off some of the fascia trim. The second picture shows the same roof after repair.  Repairs to roofing fascia trim are quick, easy and inexpensive, particularly compared to the cost of replacing damaged wood later.

Image showing wind damage to roofing fascia

Wind damage to roof fascia trim


Photo of repaired roof fascia trim

Wind damage repaired

Roof Damage from Snow in New Jersey

This winter has inflicted some pretty heavy damage on roofs across our coverage area.

Just a few days ago, ABC Eyewitness News 7 posted a story discussing snow-related roof damage in NJ.

And here is another story…

And another

And there are many more!

Not only is the heavy snow that we have been having a risk to your home, but it can also be hazardous if it dislodges suddenly and comes crashing down.

Once the snow starts melting, if the water can’t get off the roof via the edges or the gutters, it will find another way down! Pay close attention when looking for evidence of roof leaks in times like these. Sometimes, problems that start small can become big very quickly.

To avoid roof problems caused by snow, here are a few tips:
1. Maintain your roof. A strong, well-maintained roof will stand up to snow loads much better than a roof needing repairs.
2. Keep your gutters clean. Keeping your gutters clean will help the melting snow leave your roof, and it will also help reduce the occurrence of ice dams forming and trapping snow on the roof.
3. When clearing snow from your roof, think safety first! Do not stand on the roof, or under the snow. Clear trapped snow from the side. Don’t do this alone. Better still, hire a reputable roofing company to help you. They will have the right equipment and lots of practice.

Although policies differ widely, most insurance policies do cover roof damage caused by snow, falling limbs and some other weather-related events.

If you do experience damage to your roof or gutters as a result of snow or other weather events, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate. We treat emergencies like emergencies. We will be there for you!

Common Types of Roof Problems

As might be expected, the open, flat areas of roofs usually aren’t the first parts to go bad. Valleys, where parts of your roof join, are one area requiring extra care. Other problem areas are any roof penetrations, such as vent pipes, chimneys, or exhaust fans, and any areas with flashing.

Dips, discolorations, bent shingles or flashing require attention.

The quality of the materials used AND the quality of the installation both affect the life of your roof – make sure you get great value for both!

Roof Repair Service Areas

Ameri-We-Can is based in the Ewing / Trenton area, and we service an area within a 100-mile radius.  Our service area includes, but is not limited to, the following towns and zip codes:

Zip Code County Town State
18938 Bucks New Hope PA
18940 Bucks New Town PA
19067 Bucks Morrisville PA
07751 Monmouth Morganville NJ
08016 Burlington Burlington NJ
08022 Burlington Columbus NJ
08502 Somerset Belle Mead NJ
08505 Burlington Bordentown NJ
08520 Mercer Hightstown NJ
08525 Mercer Hopewell NJ
08528 Somerset Kingston NJ
08530 Hunterdon Lambertville NJ
08534 Mercer Pennington NJ
08535 Monmouth Millstone Township NJ
08536 Middlesex Plainsboro NJ
08540 Mercer Princeton NJ
08542 Mercer Princeton NJ
08550 Mercer Princeton Junction NJ
08551 Hunterdon Ringoes NJ
08558 Somerset Skillman NJ
08559 Hunterdon Stockton NJ
08560 Mercer Titusville NJ
08561 Mercer Windsor NJ
08610 Mercer Trenton NJ
08611 Mercer Trenton NJ
08618 Mercer Trenton NJ
08619 Mercer Trenton NJ
08620 Mercer Hamilton NJ
08628 Mercer Trenton NJ
08638 Mercer Trenton NJ
08648 Mercer Lawrence Township NJ
08690 Mercer Trenton NJ
08691 Mercer Trenton NJ
08822 Hunterdon Flemington NJ
08831 Middlesex Monroe Township NJ
08844 Somerset Hillsborough NJ
08857 Middlesex Old Bridge NJ

The Right Tools for the Job

As anyone knows, the key to getting things done right the first time, on time, is to have the right tools for the job.  Apart from the inconvenience of having a work crew at your home or place of business, inclement weather can create complications for any construction job.  Especially with roofing work, it’s great to have a contractor who has the equipment to get things done to the highest standards and without delay.

This image shows a crane lowering roofing materials onto a roof - a job that would be more difficult and dangerous without the proper equipment

Picture of Ameri-We-Can fleet of specialized trucks and roofing equipment