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Installation of chimney cricket before and after

Old chimney before cricket diverter is installed

Old chimney flashing before cricket diverter is installed.

 After chimney flashing is added,shingled,and flashed

After chimney cricket is added, shingled, and flashed.

When installing chimney flashing it is a good idea to install a cricket behind the chimney to divert water away from the chimney.

Shingle & Color Match Roll Roof Replacement


New shingle and color match roll roofing by Ameri-We-Can Roofing & Siding Ewing N J .  Roofs really look great when you can match the color of the roll roof to the color of the shingles. When Installing a shingle roof the pitch of the roof must be a minimun 3/12 pitch what that means is that for every lineal foot you travel horizontally the roof must have a 3 inch vertical rise. I just won a contract in Chesterfield N J because the salesman told the customer he could roof a less than 3/12 pitch if they used ice shield on the complete low pitched roof area. Manufactures won’t cover the material warranty if the right material is not used for the right application,also its against the state building code to use shingles on a less than 3/12 pitch.  I was willing to bring  the roofing manufacture representative in to prove to homeowner that the sales representative  was not using the correct roofing application for the job. The homeowner at that point hired me for my knowledge and paid more to me than my competitor due to our expertise. Needless to say cheaper is not always better. Some companies get to big looking to make a profit that they lose sight of what really means the most ,and that’s giving the customer the best job possible. When searching for a contractor I strongly recommend using someone who has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Roof Replacement Part 3

Shingle roof replacement Ewing Twp N J

Roof Replacement Part 2

When having a new roof installed its always a good idea to remove the old shingles or roll roofing. Here are a couple reasons why, check condition of exiting roof sheathing make repairs as needed,check condition of roof flashing make repairs as needed. When installing new roofing materials its a good idea to have a solid deck to prevent blow offs from strong gusts of wind. I was in Ewing Twp N J 08628 yesterday to check a leaky roof, what I found was  a patch of missing roof shingles . I believe its a wise decision to have your roof inspected  and gutters cleaned twice a year by a qualified roofing specialist,the reason I say this is you pay to have the gutters cleaned and while the roofer is up on the roof they can check the roof take pictures if they find problems. Problems can be repaired quickly before damage escalates .The home owner is getting the roof inspected for free,while the contractor is servicing the gutters win win situation for all.

Shingle Roof Replacement Part 1

Ameri-We -Can Roofing & Siding contracting company is a local Ewing Twp roofing company. April is a month with lots of rain so with that said we are expecting alot of calls due to ice and snow damage over the winter. I just got a few calls due to the rain the last few days,its unreal some of the things we see out here when checking roofs for leaks. I just signed a contract for a roofing job in Trenton Nj 08618 and this job was started by a guy that I beleive is unlicensed. Contractor / Handyman started roof in Nov papered it and the paper is off and the water is pouring in ,homeowner is a guy I grew up with as a kid knows Ameri-We-Can Roofing & Siding was voted the Best 2010-2013 and allowed this to take place . Some times you try to save money and it ends up costing double or triple down the road. Ameri-We-Can Roofing & Siding is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A + rating, I tell people all the time check us out with the BBB and check out our competition,then with price and info make an educated decision. Second job I looked at today in Ewing Twp Nj 08638 home owner had a leak he called a plumber to see if it was the plumbing plumber not thinking about it raining maybe that was the problem hacked up the guys cieling only to find no pipes in that area of the house. so when I got their it was clear it that the roof was shot totally due to age and ice damage.