Attic fan & roof vent installation service


room with attic fan and roof ventilation systems

Powerful attic fans (roof or gable mount), like the one shown here, can remove the greatest volume of hot and/or humid air in the shortest amount of time from your attic.

Attic fan installation & replacement services

solar attic fan installation

A solar attic fan, such as this one from Natural Light Energy Systems, installs easily with no electrical wiring required.

Attic fans ventilate and cool hot attics by drawing cooler outdoor air from naturally formed soffit and gable vents while pushing hot indoor air outside. If your soffit vents are blocked, however, or your attic isn’t sealed properly from the rest of your home, these fans can instead suck your indoor air conditioned air up to and out of your attic. This of course will use more energy, make your air conditioning system work harder, and increase your warm-weather utility bill.

Another challenge to proper roof ventilation include hip-style roofs and shed-style roofs—neither of which support ridge vents.

You can depend upon your Ameri-We-Can attic fan installer to ensure that your attic is air-sealed and insulated properly, and that your new fan is installed properly (gable mounted, roof mounted, electric or solar) to remove the hot air that otherwise sits trapped below your roof. Please note: We do not repair existing fans; we only perform replacements or new home installations.

Roof ridge vent repair & installation services

an example of a roof ridge vent installation

A roof ridge vent requires skilled carpentry and shingling to look and perform its best.

Ridge vents run along the peak of your roof, working naturally with your home’s soffit venting to circulate air flow from the sides of the roof and up through the roof of your attic to the outdoors. This construction wonder works to keep your attic cool with no need for equipment, maintenance, or utility costs.

If your roof ridge vent is damaged, Ameri-We-Can will perform an expert repair, working as carefully as possible to have the vent working and the roof looking good as new (matching existing shingles as best as realistically possible). If for any reason your building does not have—but could have—ridge venting, we can also install a new roof vent system for you.

As with all of our home improvement services, you can depend on Ameri-We-Can to arrive on time, work efficiently and quietly, and always interact politely with you during our service calls. We keep all debris within our work area, and at the end of our project will thoroughly remove it all and haul it away in our truck.

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All jobs are supervised by founder James Novak, and most common projects can be completed in one day. Contact Ameri-We-Can today to discuss your particular roof vent or attic fan needs. You can also get started by submitting a completed “Free Estimate” form, which can be found on this page.

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