Chimney cap installation & repair


chimney cap installation

An example of a stainless steel, outside mount multi-flue cap. Note how it protects the opening from weather and animals while adding a distinctive way to “top off” the exterior design of your home!

A chimney cap is made of strong, rust-proof metal with angled edges that help deflect rain, snow, and ice away from the chimney’s opening to prevent damaging the inside of the flue. The cap includes a sturdy screen, which also helps prevent birds and small animals from entering the mouth and possibly finding their way into your home.

Beyond its protective qualities, however, a chimney cap can also enhance the aesthetics of your roof by adding a flash of style to an otherwise bland, rectangular shape.

Your Ameri-We-Can contractor will help you select the best chimney cap solution for your needs, including:

  • Outside mount chimney caps—With a “skirt” that slides tightly over the chimney’s top edges and a large lid that forms and umbrella.
  • Top mount chimney caps—Attached rather than a sliding skirt, but with the umbrella lid.
  • Single flue chimney caps—The most cost-effective solution, designed to cover individual flues.

We can paint stainless steel chimney caps in any color to complement your home’s trim or any other personal preference. For a touch of elegance, we offer chimney caps made of copper.

Tin chimney replacement services

tin chimney

A tin chimney replacement can beautify your roof while it protects.

If your home has an old tin chimney, chances are it is or will be rusting. Unfortunately, the rust can run when wet, staining your roof, gutters, and walls.

Ameri-We-Can is one of the few roofers who handle tin chimney replacement in Central New Jersey. We remove and clean the rusted elements and install new chimney housing—we can also replace any damaged shingles, gutters, or siding while we are there.

Chimney sealing also available

If your chimney is showing some age, we can also stop any porous brick and mortar with a clear coat sealer to prevent water from finding its way into and down your chimney.

As with all of our home improvement services, you can depend on Ameri-We-Can to arrive on time, work efficiently and quietly, and always interact politely with you during our service calls. We keep all debris within our work area, and at the end of our project will thoroughly remove it all and haul it away in our truck.

Discover for yourself why we have won The Trentonian Reader’s Choice award from 2010-2018!

You CAN find a high-quality, fairly priced chimney cap contractor!

All jobs are supervised by founder James Novak, and most common projects can be completed in one day. Contact Ameri-We-Can today to discuss your particular chimney cap installation needs. You can also get started by submitting a completed “Free Estimate” form, which can be found on this page.

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