If your building needs soffit and fascia repair, call us today before this singular issue causes further damage to other structural and surrounding areas.

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Fascia board is attached to the ends of rafters on building exteriors, and is often used to help support your gutters. These boards go down from the roof edge about six inches, where they meet with the soffit (also called an eave), which extends horizontally from the bottom edge of the fascia to the top of the exterior wall, like the bottom of a capital “L.”

It is very important that these two building structures remain in good condition, because they offer many significant benefits, such as:

Other than seeing it on either surface with your naked eyes, potential warning signs of soffit or fascia damage include: leaking gutters, rotting or sagging roof edges, and water stains on your interior walls.

At the first sign or suspicion of any issue, please call us in for repair—because the longer you delay, the greater the risk of attracting unpleasant — often more expensive — problems such as woodworms, dry rot, and even maggots.

You can also rest assured that any time you call us in for gutter cleaning service, we will look for any issues with your soffit or fascia surfaces and alert you if we see any problems.

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