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Ameri-We-Can reviews

Here are just a few of the wonderful Ameri-We-Can reviews we have received over the past 30 years. We look forward to exceeding your expectations soon! 

Dear Jim, I want to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you did siding my house, as well as for your patience working through the many delays and difficulties caused for you by the other contractor who built the addition to our house. As you will remember, this job was started in March and through no fault of yours finished only today. Through our long association, I have come to respect everyone in your company,and felt quite comfortable opening my home to all of you. I have found you all to be reliable, trustworthy, fair and honest, as well as competent and diligent in your workmanship. My property looks great, was cleaned up completely, and having your guys around was a pleasure. My request that no one smoke on my premises was honored strictly and everyone was always courteous and helpful. Please feel free to have perspective clients call me for a reference and I will be happy to have them visit to inspect your work on my house. Wishing you every success. - Dottie P., Lawrenceville

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Jim Novak and his crew were punctual and very professional. They completed job in 2 days. Price was excellent and quality great. Jim Novak came right back when I called him to inspect area of roof where prior roofing professionals had severe problems managing complexity of roofing job needed. Jim immediately made repairs needed and corrected issues inside home also. Jim proved to be extremely honest and stands behind his work and his company. I would highly recommend him for roofing jobs – big or small easy or complex. – Robert D, Washington Crossing

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We have had Ameri-We-Can Roofing and Siding do a number of jobs for us. They completely rebuilt our barn roof, installed gutters on our house and barn, helped us with some carpentry projects and other things.

Things could not have gone better on any of the things that Ameri-We-Can did for us. We purchased an old, dilapidated farmhouse with a large barn and some outbuildings.

It took us a lot of work to renovate the property. At each stage, we interviewed multiple contractors. Some contractors we hired were good, some were not. Ameri-We-Can stood out as exceptional, which is what prompted me to write this review.

When interviewing roofing contractors for the garage and barn roof, Ameri-We-Can had the best price by a significant margin. At first, we were wondering how they could be so much lower than the other quotes, so we interviewed Jim Novak on the details of the proposal. He had all the facts ready, down to the smallest details. Hired!

When it came time to do the work, Jim showed up on time with a highly skilled crew. They completed the work on-time and to a standard of perfection. There were no mistakes. The equipment he used ensured that the job was done quickly and safely.

There were two funny things that I remember about this job (Jim has done multiple jobs for us since). First, we had the roof done in October. Given the large size of the roof, Jim suggested that it might be a good idea to use extra strong hurricane straps. Less than two weeks after the job was completed, Hurricane Sandy came through and destroyed many roofs – but not ours! I did not consider this in advance, but Jim did. Second, for a long time, our property had a lot of construction activity going on. On a regular basis, we would have to scan the ground for nails or other sharp objects that could damage a tire – or a foot. Jim’s crew did such a spectacular job on cleanup that his areas were cleaner after the job than before! I never found even one nail left behind.

I think Jim saw that we were struggling with the scope of the project that we had taken on, so he went out of his way to connect us with good resources for other parts of our project. He also followed up a few times after the work was completed to make sure that we were satisfied and that there were no issues that he could help us with.

I would, and do, recommend Ameri-We-Can very highly. – Adrian H., Hopewell